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The place to sell all your crunchy momma goodies.

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Everything in the store is on sale!! [Friday
November 26th]

I'm celebrating Black Friday & Cyber Monday all weekend long by making everything in my store 35% off! No coupon code needed!



Friend us on Facebook for even more deals!!

August 3rd]

Mimi's Dreams have stocked over 30 new pads in Celestial themed prints @ Mimi's Dreams @ Etsy!

There are over 20 pads at reduced prices with FREE SHIPPING in the "On Sale" section as well!

Mimi's Dreams Spam! [Wednesday
July 21st]

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on all the new, fun and exciting things going on at Mimi's Dreams this month!

First of all, there's a giveaway going on at The TaterTwins Blog, you have until July 31st to enter! You could win up to 2 pads @ a $20 value or less. No purchase necessary to enter!

Next, I've added about 13 new fabric prints to my already huge list of choices! Two are flannel and the other 11 are cotton prints!
Take a look at the pretties!Collapse )

For all of you in Europe, I've teamed up with the lovely owner of and am offering pads through her site as well! Enjoy lower shipping costs with Teresa!

I've gotten a feel for working with PUL in my pads and have now begun offering PUL in your pads for those who want that extra added protection! They are currently offered by custom orders only and all other In-Stock pads will still be made PUL free!

Take advantage of the free shipping on all of our American Independence celebration themed pads at Etsy!

Add us on Facebook for even more discounts and updates!
Mimi's Dreams via Saucytots.com- Custom Ordering Site
Mimi's Dreams InStock Etsy Shop

June 9th]

I just wanted to let you guys know I've listed around 15 new in-stock pads at Mimi's Dreams Etsy Shop ranging from Mini's to Goddess pads!

I have more fabrics available for custom orders as well!! Just come over and see my at my Saucytots.com site!

Gnomes, Peacocks, Owls & More!Collapse )

May 27th]

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Hope. Owner, designer and maker of Mimi's Dreams reusable cloth menstrual pads. I've been in business for over 4 years now and love to be able to feed my fabric addiction by making you super cute and long lasting pads!

I recently stocked up My Etsy Shop with some Michael Miller gnomes and owls prints I fell in love with. I've also added a few pads from prints that are no longer available so get those while they last! I have more of the Gnomes, Owls and Heather Ross print available for custom orders as well!

I offer packages of various sizes. One starter package I offer is $25 and you get 7 pads in total ranging from the smallest Mini pad to the Overnight size. My Post partum Packages are sized to suit any of your after childbirth needs.

I am open for custom orders on either my Etsy site or by going to Saucytots.com and browsing through over 75 different fabric selections to create your very own special pad collection! I'm offering a 20% coupon for a limited time only to this community by using the code ClothLove or by simply clicking this link!

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Like Mimi's Dreams Facebook Fanpage to get more updates on stocking, discounts and freebies!

FREE SHIPPING at Punky's Pads! [Friday
December 18th]

From now until the end of the year, there is FREE SHIPPING on all instock pads within the US and Canada! Other international orders will get a discounted shipping rate! Happy Holidays! :)

Punky's Pads on Etsy

Lots of pads instock! [Saturday
December 5th]

I've been busy stocking my Punky's Pads Etsy shop! There are lots of fun pads available in all sorts of sizes! Pin ups, japanese style pads, holiday pads, batiks and even some every liner sets!

Here is a small preview!Collapse )

Free shipping! [Saturday
October 10th]

Guess what?! Punky's Pads has hit 500 sales on Etsy! That means FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders within the US and Canada! (discounted international shipping!) Yay! Thank you to all of my wonderful customers! Ends Monday at Midnight!

To order, just visit Punkyspads.com or my Punky's Pads etsy shop! Etsy free shipping is already applied, if ordering through my website, I will send you a refund for your shipping through paypal.

Custom pads are back at Punkyspads.com! [Monday
September 14th]

Hi everyone! I've finally reopened my online store at Punkyspads.com! You can now order custom pads again! I've added new fabric and my new Prima pad!

You can also order custom pads at my Punky's Pads Etsy Shop if you prefer that!

If you need your pads sooner, I also have lots of instock pads at Etsy too! There's also hanging wetbags and Punky's Pad of the Month Club available as well!

Mimi's Dreams Spam! [Wednesday
September 9th]

This year is my daughter's first year in school and I've all of a sudden got free time all day to twiddle my thumbs waiting for her to get home from school! To help me pass the time I'm giving a limited time offer discount of 25% off to members of this community for CUSTOM orders only! Start shopping by clicking HERE, use the code Fall09. This offer only lasts until Monday, Sept 14th!

I've found quite a few Halloween fabric prints and have made a few dozen new pads to celebrate my favorite holiday! They've all been added to the Mimi's Dreams Etsy Shop!

September's edition of Free Pad Lotto can be entered by simply replying to this entry on my personal journal. Its a cute little Overnight pad. No purchase is necessary to win and I will boot the shipping to anywhere in the world! Winners will be notified by replying to the comment you leave, so make sure you have a Livejournal account and email notifications turned on!

Photos of the Goodies!!Collapse )

As a reminder, I do offer custom work where you can send in your own fabric. I also offer bartering for other crafty people who make their own almost anything. Currently I'm looking for knitters and graphics designers, but all offers will be considered! I've even traded for homemade mineral make-up! Trades from other pad makers are welcome as well!

Lots of new stock! [Friday
August 28th]

I've been busy this week! Every day this week (well, so far!) I've listed new pads! There's a whole bunch of goodies, even hanging wet bags! All sorts of sizes and fabrics, including hemp velour regular pads!

You can find them in my Punky's Pads Etsy shop! I've even reduced shipping on a few items, making even greater discounts if you purchase multiple pads! :)

Examples of what's instockCollapse )

New at Punky's Pads! [Wednesday
July 22nd]

Now that I'm done with that co-op order, I can now make more pads for instock! Right now in my Punky's Pads Etsy shop I've got pads in each size that I offer! From pantyliners to the prima pad!

Sneak preview!Collapse )

Mimi's Dreams Spam! [Wednesday
June 10th]

I've got a couple of new and exciting things to tell you guys!

First! I've got the cutest "Love Birds" Flannel Mini pad up for a lottery here. No purchase necessary to win, just simply leave a comment! The winner will be picked on June 30th. I'll even boot the shipping for anywhere in the world!

Second! I've got tons of new pads and bags up at my Etsy shop! I've made a bunch of pads in a special Moda Monkey Yearbook print that you can't find on the Saucytots site!

Third! I wanted to give you a nice big 20% discount on any CUSTOM orders! I've been so ahead of myself lately on orders, they don't take any longer than 2 weeks to ship (None of that month waiting time like in the past!) I've got a few new prints as well! So don't forget to use the code CustomLove @ saucytots.com or just shop by following this link!

Photos of the Goodies!Collapse )

Mimi's Dreams Spam! [Tuesday
May 19th]

Hey guys! I've been working hard lately on some new items for Mimi's Dreams! For a nice change of pace they aren't pads! I've been making tons of grocery totes for my mom and I and thought, why not make some to sell as well?

I've also been working on my Etsy shop as well! I still will maintain Saucytots and it will still be the main source for all your pad needs but I needed a bit more exposure.

For the next week I'm offering a 20% off coupon for anything at Saucytots (Sorry Etsy doesn't accept coupons) to try to clean out some of my in-stock items (the coupon is for the whole site!) and persuade me to make some new stuff!

Use the code SpringFever @ saucytots.com or just click the link:

Mimi's Dreams on Etsy!

Mimi's Dreams Etsy Preview!Collapse )
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Only 3 days left to order! [Sunday
May 3rd]

Punky's Pads is doing a co-op over at Crunchy Cooperative and there's only 3 days left to get your order in!

This is your chance to get my pads super cheap! Just register at Crunchy Cooperative, then under "Open Swaps" you'll find the thread for Punky's Pads and easy instructions on how to place your order!

The discount is 35% off all pads and if you'd like to see the fabrics and pads to choose from just visit the Punky's Pads co-op page!

Happy Earth Day from Punky's Pads [Wednesday
April 22nd]

There's LOTS going on with Punky's Pads this Earth Day!! First, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on all the awesome pads I just got done listing on my Punky's Pads Etsy Shop! Lots of fun prints, a bunch of different sets, pantyliners, regulars, postpartum, etc!

Click here to see what's instock!Collapse )

Punky's Pads is doing another co-op with Crunchy Cooperative!! I did one last year and it was a HUGE hit so I'm doing another! This is your chance to get my pads real cheap! I've got fun new prints to choose from! Just visit Crunchy Cooperative, register and then under "Open Co-ops" you'll find Punky's Pads with all the info and you can place your order! Check out all the other co-ops that are open, lots of great stuff!

Thanks everyone! Have a Happy Earth day!

Mimi's Dreams! [Thursday
April 16th]

Just a little note showing the new flannel prints I added to the fabric selection, and HEMP is now back on the menu!

http://www.saucytots.com?code=Cloth_Pads for your 10% off your whole order!

Just two new fabric choices!Collapse )

March 15th]

Celebrating 3 years in business!!


and get 15% off anything in the store!

Mystery lots & surprise pads! [Monday
March 9th]

Over at my Punky's Pads Etsy Shop I listed some surprise pads and mystery lots! For surprise pads, you'll receive 1 of my regulars pads in either cotton or flannel in a surprise print. There are seperate listings for cotton or flannel.

And mystery lots are back! You'll get 6 pads, in 3 different sizes in surprise prints! Each lot comes with 3 pads in cotton and 3 pads in flannel. The lots contain 2 pantyliners, 2 regulars and 2 overnights. They're great starter kits!

Everyday Liners instock at Punky's Pads [Friday
February 6th]

Everyday Liners instock at Punky's Pads

Pictures of LinersCollapse )

I've been wanting a very thin pad lately, so I made myself some of my Everyday Liners but just a little different. While I was at it I made some for sale too :) They have no waterproofing and are great for everyday use. They're all flannel and reversible, so you can put them on any way you want.

P.S. If you've commented to any of my posts lately, I just now got them as LJ wasn't emailing me my comments. Sorry about that, I'll be replying soon :)

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