jackierhoffman (jackierhoffman) wrote in crunchy_sales,

Happy Earth Day from Punky's Pads

There's LOTS going on with Punky's Pads this Earth Day!! First, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on all the awesome pads I just got done listing on my Punky's Pads Etsy Shop! Lots of fun prints, a bunch of different sets, pantyliners, regulars, postpartum, etc!

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Punky's Pads is doing another co-op with Crunchy Cooperative!! I did one last year and it was a HUGE hit so I'm doing another! This is your chance to get my pads real cheap! I've got fun new prints to choose from! Just visit Crunchy Cooperative, register and then under "Open Co-ops" you'll find Punky's Pads with all the info and you can place your order! Check out all the other co-ops that are open, lots of great stuff!

Thanks everyone! Have a Happy Earth day!
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