Goddess Hope (jinxgoddess) wrote in crunchy_sales,
Goddess Hope

Mimi's Dreams Spam!

This year is my daughter's first year in school and I've all of a sudden got free time all day to twiddle my thumbs waiting for her to get home from school! To help me pass the time I'm giving a limited time offer discount of 25% off to members of this community for CUSTOM orders only! Start shopping by clicking HERE, use the code Fall09. This offer only lasts until Monday, Sept 14th!

I've found quite a few Halloween fabric prints and have made a few dozen new pads to celebrate my favorite holiday! They've all been added to the Mimi's Dreams Etsy Shop!

September's edition of Free Pad Lotto can be entered by simply replying to this entry on my personal journal. Its a cute little Overnight pad. No purchase is necessary to win and I will boot the shipping to anywhere in the world! Winners will be notified by replying to the comment you leave, so make sure you have a Livejournal account and email notifications turned on!

Buy Handmade

As a reminder, I do offer custom work where you can send in your own fabric. I also offer bartering for other crafty people who make their own almost anything. Currently I'm looking for knitters and graphics designers, but all offers will be considered! I've even traded for homemade mineral make-up! Trades from other pad makers are welcome as well!
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