Goddess Hope (jinxgoddess) wrote in crunchy_sales,
Goddess Hope

Mimi's Dreams Spam!

Hey guys! I've been working hard lately on some new items for Mimi's Dreams! For a nice change of pace they aren't pads! I've been making tons of grocery totes for my mom and I and thought, why not make some to sell as well?

I've also been working on my Etsy shop as well! I still will maintain Saucytots and it will still be the main source for all your pad needs but I needed a bit more exposure.

For the next week I'm offering a 20% off coupon for anything at Saucytots (Sorry Etsy doesn't accept coupons) to try to clean out some of my in-stock items (the coupon is for the whole site!) and persuade me to make some new stuff!

Use the code SpringFever @ saucytots.com or just click the link:

Mimi's Dreams on Etsy!

Buy Handmade
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May 23 2013, 05:54:48 UTC 4 years ago

The code isn't working for me, help!
That's because it is 4 years old!